Who we are

Who are we?

Cabanyes entre Valls offers a place in nature, ecological values, comfort and design are combined to create a thrilling and memorable adventure. All our tree houses have light and a private bathroom with a sink, a toilet and a shower. Thanks to this rural thrilling setting, it becomes an idyllic place where to start excursions in the forest, where the seasons’ changes delight us with stunning landscapes. Our tree houses will seduce you due to its particular charm and the calm sensation that surrounds them.

Location: La Vall de Bianya

Our cabins are located in the country estate of Mas l'Espunya in the Vall de Bianya. From the country estate you can enjoy a view of the beautiful Bianya Valley, on clear days you can see the Golf of Roses 70km away. In this privileged environment you can enter into a unique forest of holm oaks next to the farmhouse with centuries-old holm oaks and another unique forest of beech trees, also centenaries that surround the source of Espunya, in this forest the black woodpecker , bird protected has found a suitable habitat to nest and reproduce. The singular forests are forests where the species are protected, there is very little human intervention, they are forests with a sociocultural and educational interest and with a model management. The forest of the country estate consists of 185 hectares, 40 of which are of singular forest.

A dream

The tree house: A dream that comes true

Alex and Maria had long sought a place where they could do their dream; build huts on the trees. Thanks to the unconditional help of Alfons and Carles, owners of the estate, they can finally say that their dream has come true. So, together we start a unique project surrounded by a unique nature.

The concept: Top quality rural tourism

The main idea behind this project is offering sophisticated accommodation in a harmonious background where guest can renovate their energies surrounded by nature.

A concept
The experience

The experience: A singular getaway

In Cabanyes entre Valls you will enjoy an unforgettable experience, where you will surely become one of the dreams of your childhood; Who has never dreamed of sleeping in a cabin on the top of a tree? Every tree house is a unique espace with a rustic design that combined with the forest’s peacefulness creates an immediate sensation of peace of mind. A weekend in Cabanyes entre Valls offers a wide range of activities either in summer or in winter time. Should you prefer it, you can enjoy a good book, a magic view, a sophisticated accommodation are enough to enjoy harmony you will meet on the tree and on its surrounding.

Environmental considerations

Our huts were built in a natural background being most respectful with nature.All the techniques and materials chosen to build these house, are designed to create a lesser impact on alive trees. The tree houses enjoy a good thermal insulation based on recycled cotton. The farmhouse is heated with wood-burning stove. All the wood used comes from the property. In addition to, all the water used all year round, comes from a close source.

Consideración ambiental
The farmhouse

The farmhouse

When you arrive in Cabanyes entre Valls, you will register in the common area, where the reception has been located, a rest area with fireplace, Wifi, bathrooms, showers and the restaurant where only dinners are served. The common area has been located in one of the Mas Espunya buildings where formerly the ground floor was used as boxes of livestock and the first floor stored cereals and fodder. On the front door there is a lintel that dates from the year 1789.

Solidarity against cancer

From Cabanyes entre Valls we want to contribute to fight against cancer. For this reason, we give you the opportunity to make a small contribution when you book. We will contribute with one euro for each reservation made. The total amount collected will give to a charity that investigates, studies, helps and supports the sick and their families that suffer this illness. This year, the donations will go to AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer). The same amount donated by our customers, will be donated by our firm to the same charity.

Proyecto solidario cáncer