Who we are

Who are we?

Cabanyes entre Valls offers a place in nature, ecological values, comfort and design are combined to create a thrilling and memorable adventure. We are the first south european complex of tree houses that offers a tree house adapted to a wheelchair. All our houses offer an ensuite bathroom. Thanks to this rural thrilling setting, it becomes an idyllic place where to start excursions in the forest, where the seasons’ changes delight us with stunning landscapes. Throughout all the weekend or perhaps only at night, our tree houses will seduce you due to its particular charm and the calm sensation that surrounds them.

Location: La Vall de Bianya

Our tree houses are located in “La Vall de Bianya”, a tiny village that consists of several valleys surrounded by meadows and water streams. Situated in “la Garrotxa”, only 6 km to Olot and 1,5 km to the La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, you can enjoy on of the most stunning landscapes in the zone. You have to highlight the wonderful a location and stunning landscapes. ​From the property itself, you have some spectacular views all over “La Vall de Bianya”, wide extensions of wonderful forests and the powerful beech groves changing autumn colours. Moreover, on a clear day you can see the Roses bay, 70 km away.

A dream

The tree house: A dream that comes true

Àlex and Maria have built a life in common, a working place and a project on the trees in a singular place. With both feet on the ground and the unconditional support of Alfons and Carlos, a family with the roots set in “La Vall de Bianya” from almost one thousand years, have given birth to their dreams in the trees, that has become reality and keeps growing every day.

The concept: Top quality rural tourism

The main idea behind this project is offering sophisticated accommodation in a harmonious background where guest can renovate their energies surrounded by nature. The essence of our concept is considering ecological values and minimal environmental impact. This is why we dedicate an awful amount of resources in the search of sustainable building and energy solution.

A concept
The experience

The experience: A singular getaway

In Cabanyes entre Valls you will enjoy an unforgettable experience that starts with a warm welcome in the main house (Masia) before being drive to the tree house. Every tree house is a unique espace with a rustic design that combined with the forest’s peacefulness creates an immediate sensation of peace of mind. A weekend in Cabanyes entre Valls offers a wide range of activities either in summer or in winter time. Should you prefer it, you can enjoy a good book, a magic view, a sophisticated accommodation are enough to enjoy harmony you will meet on the tree and on its surrounding. In the main farmhouse you will be able to enjoy our gastronomy, attended by your hosts, Àlex and Maria, except for lunch time. In order to offer you a wonderful wake up, the breakfast will be served in the tree house.

Environmental considerations

We face our activities basing them in two main cornerstones​: sustainability and ecological values. This is the reason why our huts were built in a natural background being most respectful with nature.All the techniques and materials chosen to build these house, are designed to create a lesser impact on alive trees. Most of the furniture you get in the houses is designed and manufactured by ourselves and is made with recycled wood. All the cabins enjoy a first class isolation and are heated with bio-ethanol stove. The farmhouse is heated with wood-burning stove. All the wood used comes from the property. In addition to, all the water used all year round, comes from a close source.

Consideración ambiental
The farmhouse

The farmhouse

When you arrive to Cabanyes entre Valls, you will register in the farmhouse, where dinners are being reserved to guests. The farmhouse was built in the 16th century, recently fully restored and decorated with finely chosen antiques. If you wish, we offer you our restaurant, our lounge bar, a chill-out zone and Wi-fi. Some research has been made that accounts for this property consisting of three farmhouses is the oldest in the whole valley. The farmhouse known as the hut, was formerly used as a barn for the own harvests for a long time. Later in the sixties, this space was transformed into a cowshed and a pigsty. Nowadays, and thanks to a recent transformation, it has been refurbished in 2016 to become the common zone where we are right now.

Solidarity against cancer

From Cabanyes entre Valls we want to contribute to fight against cancer. For this reason, we give you the opportunity to make a small contribution when you book. This contribution consists of a 1€ donation to a charity that investigates, studies, helps and supports the sick and their families that suffer this illness. This year, the donations will go to AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer). The same amount donated by our customers, will be donated by our firm to the same charity.

Proyecto solidario cáncer